2016 US election – online over hype?

There might never have been a better example of the influence of online media than the 2016 US Presidential Election.  Facebook live streaming of debates, constant updates from candidates, live blogging feeds and an endless stream of commentary from expert and amateur sources has made this a campaign shaped by popular thought more than any other election in […]

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Online sports journalism kicking goals for amateur contributors

Online news has greatly advanced all sorts of media outlets, and one of those greatly benefited has been sports journalism.  Sports sections from major Australian newspapers such as the Australian and the Sydney Morning Herald have been able to make additions such as video highlights and interactive polling along with expert commentary.  Meanwhile, the traditional free-to-air television and […]

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Queensland Police Service’ online presence a valuable crime fighting tool

The Queensland Police Service Media Unit has gathered a reputation as a skilful exponent of utilising online media to distribute important information in an effective but humorous way. QPS have been one of the pioneers for adapting social media for emergency services, winning multiple awards for their connections with the community.  The use of Facebook by the police in […]

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Betoota’s satirical scope widening by online journalism

When considering the fantastic capacity the internet has to distribute accurate news quickly, such as for emergency services in times of crisis, it is very easy to overlook the potential for disinformation appearing online! As the internet rapidly opens up the vast array of genuine and fake content, there opportunity to pull in suckers with satirical commentary is too good […]

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