About Me

I’m Tom Copley, and I’m studying law and journalism at the Queensland University of Technology.

I am studying in Brisbane, but I come from a cattle property in south-east Queensland. I enjoy studying, but I always jump at the chance to return home during university and school holidays to work.


Definitely better than studying at a desk

Journalism and writing has always been something which is of great interest to me. To hear people’s stories and get them out there is really important, especially from those who might otherwise find it very difficult to have a voice.

IMG_8006A young calf posing well for the camera

I am  interested in stories from rural Queensland and Australia. Although I come from a cattle property, it is comparatively small and there are plenty of bigger fish in the agricultural sea. Stories and images from these properties and regions and fascinate me.

It often frustrates me how many people in the city do not understand anything going on beyond the western suburbs, with often the only coverage of rural Australia because of either extreme drought or extreme floods.

Rural  Australia is a crucial element of Australian society, and requires some of Australia’s best forward-thinking minds to take on the demands of exponential population growth, increased demand and changing climates.

Farmers generally do not blow their own trumpet, so it is important to get the word out there of the good work many people are doing. And alternatively, it is just as important for people to know when things might not be up to scratch as well.


Sunset over the Darling Downs near Acland

Journalism has given me an avenue to write real stories about real people in regional Australia. I hope to be gaining some more writing experience in a more corporate context in Brisbane, which I also hope will give me greater experience in the online world.

Online presence is another thing rural Australia struggles with, which despite the work of a small few, is often outgunned by the massive online presence of other organisations.

Dead keen rugby and cricket player and observer, though unfortunately not much of a player.


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