My Theme

The theme I chose for my blog was ‘Intergalactic’. I chose this post for a few reasons.

Firstly the theme appealed to me because of the central positioning of the text, and the one column which the text has in the post. I liked this because it had a certain sense of visual hierarchy, allowing the reader to begin at the top left of the screen and travel down, looking at photographs and snippets from the blog posts as they go.

The theme also had ample room for photographs. It meant the blog post was broken up with a strong emphasis on the visual, and hopefully when combined with useful amounts of text, it was made easier to read. This type of post also has similarities to interactive stories which are utilised online nowadays by plenty of media organisations, including magazines and newspapers.


The poster for ‘Intergalactic’ on WordPress- the large visual aspect from the photos appealed to me

I really was drawn by the capacity of this theme to use strong contrasts with the photos and the titles for each of the blog posts. Each post is centred over a large photograph. The view of photograph, and a small excerpt from the contents of the blog post can provide the reader with some indication of what goes with the blog post, hopefully drawing them in to read the remainder of the post.  Effectively this is a form of click-bait- with the idea to use a range of relevant photographs and having good excerpts, to draw people in to reading. As is obvious from the example of ‘Intergalactic’, the use of some stunning photographs makes for spectacular viewing.

I also liked the heading available on the ‘Intergalactic’. It was again centred, and meant I could place an image here as well. This meant I could place my blog heading with a good photograph of my own choice, which would also hopefully draw the reader in and intrigue them.  This wide media area at the top was useful for my banner when placing it across the top of my blog.

The theme is easily navigable- scrolling makes each of the posts available to view, and there is a menu button at the top right which displays the pages and posts. I was restricted in that the free theme did not allow me to use the specific fonts and colours I would have used in an ideal world.  However the available colours do give a close representation of what I would have used.


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