My fonts

I chose the fonts I used for pretty basic reasons, going for functional fonts over anything really pretty or cursive. I downloaded two Sans Serif fonts to use for my headings. Sans Serif fonts are easier to read in headings, where the size of the text used is generally much bigger.  The larger sized text also provide a strong contrast I think to the photos which the headings overlay.


The Bitstream Vera was the font I aimed to use for my banner when I was designing it, as I felt it did the best job. However I was unable to incorporate this into Photoshop. Regardless, this was the font I intended to use and which would have the best effect.

I then used Serif fonts for the remained of the blog post. Serif fonts allow the smaller type to be read more easily. I also think generally this is much more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and when combined with the use of photographs in the blog posts, the result is a much better viewing of the post for the reader.


An example of the standard font provided for the theme

I did download a Sans Serif version (below) of the standard Times New Roman font with a view to using it with my blog posts. I ultimately concluded however that it was best to stick with a genuine Serif, because it was that much simpler to read.


The unused Times Sans Serif font- I preferred the original serif instead

I would have preferred to have my blog post titles and my overall banner in lower case.  It is 10% easier to read fonts when they are in lower case as opposed to all capitals. I also think the lower case is a bit more casual and laid back than with full caps lock, which makes the post look as though its being shouted out to the reader.


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