My colour choices

The background colours I have chosen in the blog have are to be fairly light and various shades of browns. Brown and its various shades are colours which generally denote stability and masculine qualities. It is also a colour which can be associated with harvesting and autumn.  This is very true of the particular shade of brown I chose. Using the dropper tool on Adobe Photoshop, I selected a photograph of my family’s property, which I had taken in late autumn/early winter.  This is the same photograph at the header of my blog, featuring a kangaroo.  At this time, the colder weather and frosts quickly dries out the grass to a shade of fairly light brown. This colour is something which is pretty consistent right across northern Australia during the drier months of the year.


The desired light brown colour was found using the dropper tool in Adobe Photoshop CS6

This choice of brown as a colour was to suit a more rural or outback setting, where the dirt is really what does the business. The idea was to also contrast the brown with white, which is the colour on the background of the actual blog posts. It would also be consistent with any photos from rural Australia, particularly during this time of the year.

The colour I chose for the text in my banner was blue. Blue is a strong masculine colour, again representing a level of stability, as well as expertise and depth.  Its evokes thoughts of the sky, and provides a sense of tranquility and calmness. The sky is a big place, and that is rarely more apparent when in the outback, where blue sky stretches from horizon to horizon. It is a colour which also infers concepts such as intelligence, confidence, wisdom and loyalty.  These are qualities which I hope to display in my everyday conduct, and are things I would endeavour to transfer to my profession.


The grass here is a good example of what my colour palette aims to follow

White is also a useful background colour. Black text on a white background really promotes a clean, crispness, just like reading a newspaper. White space is something which is particularly important online in a blogging sense, where there is a real potential to go overboard and clutter a page. It is important to use white space to make the blog presentable and enjoyable to read.

Reference: Empower Yourself with Colour Psychology, Colour Psychology to Help and Inspire You, 2015


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