My Banner


My banner combined my fonts, colours and the photograph representing me

I designed my banner in Adobe Photoshop Cs6. The program allowed me to place a high resolution photo behind some text, and adjust the colour as I desired. While I was not able to use the exact font I wanted in Photoshop, this is still a good representation of my using a Sans Serif font as a header. I feel this is a photo which represents me well. I like to get out and about, and the photo displays my genuine rural connection. I think this is indicative of what I want to do as a journalist, and aims to display to anyone in the rural journalism sector that I know about the industry.

The colour for my text comes from the shirt which I’m wearing in the photo, which I was able to do using the dropper tool in Photoshop. The reasons for choosing blue for the text in my banner can be found in my colour post, but another reason I chose this colour of blue, is because this is a colour which is synonymous with me. Even when studying at uni, I will often be found wearing my well-worn blue work shirt. Its something which is genuinely a part of who I am, and I think using this particular colour of blue is a good way of representing me.

The photograph is also a good utilisation of the Rule of Thirds, with the focus of the photo being in the left third of the photo.


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