Online journalism – something to look forward to?!

For two and half years, anyone studying journalism has been subject to a wide variety of doom and gloom tales over the plight of the industry.  Recent major funding cuts to the ABC, significant layoffs at Fairfax and plummeting sales of print newspapers have dominated the recent coverage surrounding journalism, all of which combines to a message of “you’re never going to get a job or have a future in this industry”.

But wait – in breaking news, and in a complete turnaround on the disaster theory, aspiring journalists apparently now have things to look forward to in the online world!

While as students we are constantly reminded of the importance of being multi-skilled (know how to use a camera, write a blog, tweet, and make podcasts and vodcasts at the snap of your fingers), it is becoming evident that it is most important to combine these skills with a regular online presence.

At this stage I’m a little dubious of all this happy chatter, especially with my newly acquired twitter account.  Sounds like the same old ‘online journalism is great’ pep talk, but with a slightly more optimistic spin on it to ensure we continue with these expensive university degrees.

Jury’s out.

Cover Photo: Tom Copley


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