Sales talk

Today Online Journalism students heard from ABC 7:30 anchor Leigh Sales.  A QUT graduate, Sales was roped in to talk about her experiences in rising through the ranks to anchor 7:30, as well as her venture into online and podcasting with fellow ABC presenter and friend Annabel Crabb.

The podcast is an escape for the two women, who as ABC journalists, spend much of their time on heavyweight political commentary and interviewing some of the highest office holders in the land.

Sales discussed her having to walk the fine line between presenting her own views and opinions separate to the ABC.  Her employment at a public broadcaster restricts many of the things she can say, promote or advertise, but still allows to express herself in a way which 7:30 does not.

“Podcasts are experiencing a rebirth” – Oliver Lewis, Director of digital strategic sales and partnerships at Wireless Group (UK)

Podcasting has experienced an uptake recently, with podcasting website Acast reporting a jump from 450,000 listens per month in October 2014, to 6,000,000 in 2016.

It’s pretty clear that podcasts are fast experiencing a resurgence, and might be something worth looking into in your spare time!

Cover Photo: the Saturday Paper


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