Changing gender stereotypes at the ABC

“We need more diversity in both our staff and our content” – ABC Managing Director Michelle Guthrie

This week’s talk was presented by 612 ABC radio’s breakfast presenter, Spencer Howson.  As someone who actually spends a lot of time listening to AM radio, it was interesting to put a face to a voice I’ve heard on the radio for many years.

Spencer spoke widely on a range of topics and his own journey to working for ABC radio, which includes creating radio programs with his childhood mate Kyle Sandilands.  One of the most interesting points Spencer made was how the ABC staff consists considerably of white males.

Listening to Spencer, it was slightly unusual to be hearing this talk about gender diversity whilst sitting in a room dominated by females, many of whom are looking for jobs as journalists.  It was perhaps then a wake-up call that while in my generation, journalism should seem to be an open option to all genders, older generations, including some of those working at the ABC or as journalists, would be yet to join this bandwagon.

ABC managing direction Michelle Guthrie began her role this year, taking over from Mark Scott in May of this year.  The outgoing Scott pushed for a more racially diverse ABC, while in an email to ABC staff, Guthrie began her tenure in the top job by saying the ABC needed to look for “more diversity in both our staff and our content”.

Cover Photo: Tom Copley


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