Online sports journalism kicking goals for amateur contributors

Online news has greatly advanced all sorts of media outlets, and one of those greatly benefited has been sports journalism.  Sports sections from major Australian newspapers such as the Australian and the Sydney Morning Herald have been able to make additions such as video highlights and interactive polling along with expert commentary.  Meanwhile, the traditional free-to-air television and radio ABC and payTV outlet in Fox Sports have been able to create major online presences.

But not only has the online world benefited the traditional end of sports journalism, it has also created a whole new breed of user generated content.  The Roar has developed a strong following on social media for its coverage of Australian sports, particularly rugby and the other football codes .  As a subsidiary of Network Ten, the website combines analysis from rugby experts such as Spiro Zavos, and fan-written articles from contributors.

The Roar.JPG
Sports website the Roar is a subsidiary of Network Ten, but includes work from experts and amateurs alike

On the rugby scene, the other great contributor of user-generated content is the Green and Gold Rugby Blog.  The blog began in 2007 and whilst receiving accreditation from the Australian Rugby Union, much of its content is down to reader contributions.  With a particular focus on Australian club and schoolboy rugby, the blog has an unprecedented level of these contributions.

The Green and Gold Rugby blog’s Schoolboy Rugby homepage

The set out of the blog, combined with plentiful use of pictures, makes it a great website to access.  Combined with a series of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, Green and Gold Rugby’s homegrown and genuine style makes for a great contrast to other online sports content, and is an interesting look at the way online journalism can allow contributions from a wide range of people.

Cover Photo: Green and Gold Rugby


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