Sales talk

Today Online Journalism students heard from ABC 7:30 anchor Leigh Sales.  A QUT graduate, Sales was roped in to talk about her experiences in rising through the ranks to anchor 7:30, as well as her venture into online and podcasting with fellow ABC presenter and friend Annabel Crabb. The podcast is an escape for the two women, who as […]

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Live blogging with Amy Remeikis

Amy Remeikis, Brisbane Times Queensland Political editor, lectured QUT Online Journalism students this morning wearing a Care Bears jumper. Definitely was not what I thought someone in her position would be wearing at 9am on a Monday. Amy spoke to us about live blogging, and her recent experiences of having to live blog the Queensland Budget Estimates Hearings.  The […]

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Online journalism – something to look forward to?!

For two and half years, anyone studying journalism has been subject to a wide variety of doom and gloom tales over the plight of the industry.  Recent major funding cuts to the ABC, significant layoffs at Fairfax and plummeting sales of print newspapers have dominated the recent coverage surrounding journalism, all of which combines to a message of “you’re never going to get […]

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My Banner

My banner combined my fonts, colours and the photograph representing me I designed my banner in Adobe Photoshop Cs6. The program allowed me to place a high resolution photo behind some text, and adjust the colour as I desired. While I was not able to use the exact font I wanted in Photoshop, this is still a good […]

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My colour choices

The background colours I have chosen in the blog have are to be fairly light and various shades of browns. Brown and its various shades are colours which generally denote stability and masculine qualities. It is also a colour which can be associated with harvesting and autumn.  This is very true of the particular shade of […]

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My fonts

I chose the fonts I used for pretty basic reasons, going for functional fonts over anything really pretty or cursive. I downloaded two Sans Serif fonts to use for my headings. Sans Serif fonts are easier to read in headings, where the size of the text used is generally much bigger.  The larger sized text also provide a strong contrast […]

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My Theme

The theme I chose for my blog was ‘Intergalactic’. I chose this post for a few reasons. Firstly the theme appealed to me because of the central positioning of the text, and the one column which the text has in the post. I liked this because it had a certain sense of visual hierarchy, allowing the […]

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